From bird phobia to lunch amongst the pigeons in Trafalgar Square

When I was 7 I had long hair that I would put up in a messy bun whenever I wanted to feel grown up.

One day I was visiting my granddad.  It was his birthday so it was a special occasion.  I put on my best dress and wore my hair in a bun.

He had a couple of budgies and would often let them out of the cage to fly around the house wherever they wanted.  It didn’t bother me that much back then.

Suddenly, one of the budgies landed on me and got tangled up in my hair.  It panicked, I panicked, there was lots of squawking, flapping and screaming and someone ended up hacking my hair off to set the bird free. I was hysterical. It was the mother of bad hair days.

So I know exactly when my bird phobia started. For 45 years I couldn’t bear to be near a bird of any sort.

Then, when I was training as a BWRT practitioner I asked a fellow student to work with me on it.

I decided I would like to be relaxed around birds.

She asked me lots of questions and took me through a standard protocol.

A couple of weeks later I found myself sitting in Trafalgar Square eating a sandwich between meetings.  I was totally relaxed despite the menacing pigeons.  Still am.

That’s the power of BWRT.

You might not know when your social phobia, fear of public speaking or dread of pushing yourself forward started.  You don’t have to.

Nor do you have to put up with it.  Sort it.  Email me to find out how BWRT can help you.




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