BWRT Level 1

BrainWorking Recursive Therapy®, or BWRT® for short, is a new, completely safe, natural and very effective type of therapy. Based on the very latest understanding of how the brain works, BWRT® helps people to change their thought and behaviour patterns when they are in particular situations or encounter stimuli that they find difficult in some way. By changing their thought and behaviour patterns, they are able to quickly change unhelpful habits, behaviours and emotions.


A registered BWRT practitioner like myself will guide you through a process that uses the way the brain works to overcome unhelpful patterns of thought, behaviour and emotion that may trap you in a way of thinking or being that holds you back. There is no hypnosis, or tapping, and you don’t have to go into detail about your problem, all you have to do is know how you would rather feel instead.

Does it work?

Yes is the short answer. I have been uncomfortable around birds my whole life. When I was training as a BWRT practitioner, I worked with a fellow student who helped me overcome my fear in just one session. I felt comfortable and relaxed in situations I would previously have avoided and didn’t even notice what I would previously have thought of as a threat. My husband pointed that out to me as I sat in Trafalgar Square eating a sandwich!

Case Study

BWRT doesn’t just work with phobias and fears however. I often use it to help clients become more confident socially, and at work.   Here are a couple of recent examples:

  • a client who had just been promoted and was finding it very difficult to adjust to the change in her status at work,
  • A client who had recently relocated to Oxfordshire and was struggling to settle in to village life and a new job,
  • A client who was finding her new boss very intimidating
  • A business owner who felt sleazy when promoting or selling his services

How long does it take?

Straightforward issues may be dealt with in just one session, more usually however 2-3 sessions are required. We seldom need more than 4 sessions to resolve a problem.

For more information about BWRT please check out the BBRS website.