How I became a BWRT Registered Advanced Practitioner

Last week I thought I had better go into the office and check for any post.

I thought it had only been a few weeks since I last checked it, maybe around Christmas time. I struggled to tun the key.  The mailbox was nearly full and in fact the oldest letter was dated July. I just couldn’t believe it, where on earth does the time go? Thankfully, most of it was junk or not time limited.

But this beautiful certificate was also waiting for me. It recognises my achievement in qualifying as BWRT Registered Advanced Practitioner (Psychology of Identity and Behaviour).

BWRT Level 2 Advanced Practitioner certificate

Training was a lot of fun. There were online classes with Terence Watts, creator of BWRT. We also had several supervision sessions to check our understanding of the concepts and technique. Twice a week I worked with a fellow student, now a friend, on our own issues. In one session he helped me, in the other I helped him. We also had lots of discussion about what we were learning. Finally, we had to submit a detailed case study with feedback from our client. I can’t believe how much I learned.

And I’ve used BWRT level 2 a lot since I qualified. The results can be life changing and in just a few sessions.

If you would like to change how you feel about yourself, or anything else that’s holding you back, we can have a chat about how BWRT may help you. Book yourself in to my diary using this link. I don’t try and sell clients anything, we’ll just talk about what’s on your mind.

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